Why Become a Partner?

 CES partners with fee-based and non-credit programs to offer popular, high job-demand training that can generate substantial revenue for college and university programs.  

In a partnership with CES, your school wins because you meet your mission without exhausting yourself and your staff. Your community wins because you provide access to live training for the exploding healthcare industry.

Our proven successful programs are based on several important principles:

Easy Implementation

Compliment Existing On-Line Programs

High Pass Ratio on Board Exams

A High Graduation and Retention Rate

Low Cost Tuitions and Time Convenience

Meets the Needs of the Community

Why offer short term Health Career Programs?

Our market demands short term programs. Adult students with work and family obligations can gain entry level medical skills to start a new career without having to sit in a classroom for up to 2 years. Students appreciate the fact that class is held two days per week for 3 hours versus the normal time commitment of 5 days per week for up to 5 or 6 hours. Our schedules allow this target market to keep working in their current job and spend more valuable time with their families while attending class.  Our condensed format is a competency based model which means that students are not paying for unwanted or unnecessary classes and material.  Students learn what they need to pass national and/or state certification exams and gain the knowledge required for entry level positions.  

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Externships are real-life experiences that you obtain through on-site facilities while enrolled as a student. Your externship is a very important part of your education process. You get to apply the knowledge and skills that you have obtained in the classroom portion of your education while being a student. 

Performance is key because it can result in employment  recommendations or job offers after graduation. 

After completion of the class portion of the program, our Externship Director will work with you to place you in a local pharmacy, local dental office, family practice office to gain hands-on experience vital for your success. The location of the office/pharmacy and the times you work will be based on where and when you can work. Once you complete the externship, you will receive your certificate of completion from an accredited University or College. 

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